What is Emotional Support Animal Centre?

Emotional Support Animal Centre is a leading provider of animal recommendation letters, otherwise known as ESA letters that can be used to get the legal permissions to host pet animals in the house as well as make them the travel partners while going on a journey too, rather than leaving them back in someone else’s care. Clearing a major misnomer, this organization deals with the emotional support animals those are majorly confused with the service animals who are specially trained for disabled individuals to take care of them and aid them in overcoming all of the struggles faced by them. This article throws more light on emotional support registration and clears some common queries regarding the same.

emotional support registration

Emotional support registration

The entire process of emotional support registration is quite simpler and does not involve any such complicated steps. It begins with filling up of an online psychological evaluation form by the applicant applying for an ESA letter for his or her pet. The answers are then screened by the licensed psychotherapists of the organization and based on their reviews the applicants are further interviewed by telephonic conversation to finally judge if he or she is really eligible to get the ESA letter or not. After passing the test the letter is sent on the same day itself via email and the further steps are notified accordingly to the applicant. The cost of the entire process is about the US $150 and the payment can be made by either credit card or PayPal. In case of failure in the interview round, full money is refunded back to the applicant.

Some common FAQs

Some of the common doubts that need to be cleared are as follows: –

  • There is a difference between service animals and emotional support animals that have been well-explained in the introductory paragraph.
  • A whole set of well-prepared documents need to be kept ready well in advance before booking any flight in case you want to bring your pet also.
  • ESA does not require any additional document and hence one can move on with it easily.

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