How Good Is Access to Your Garden after using Artifical Grass on it.

When installing a new artificial lawn, the old lawn needs to remove and a sub-base (to lay the grass on) must be installed.

However, every garden is different.

Typically, access to a front garden is easier than to a rear garden.

Therefore, it’s reasonable to expect that a front garden artificial lawn will be cheaper than a rear garden installation.

artificial grass

Some rear gardens are easily accessed by back or side gates, while back gardens in some terraced houses can be only be accessed through the house itself.

Wheelbarrows to cart the excavations away and to bring the aggregates in is required for the groundworks stage of the installation and all of this must come through your property before reaching the garden.

There are very, very few installations where access can prevent an artificial grass installation, as wheelbarrows and rolls of artificial grass will fit through standard doorways.

The worst case scenario is that the job will take a little longer, and a little extra care will be required to ensure that nothing in your home gets damaged in the process.

This may mean laying protective sheeting and boards to cover the flooring in your home.

Of course, all this has a bearing on the cost of artificial grass installation.

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