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In a world full of perceptions, it is important to differentiate between right and wrong, black and white. People tend to judge situations from their own point of view and therefore we need someone to see the things the way they are. Law acts as a norm of conduct for the people of a country, guiding them towards the acceptable conduct of the society.

Although societal laws aim at protecting people from being wrong, yet time and again, it leads to debatable scenarios which arise due to the difference in opinions and perspectives. This is the reason we have lawyers who are there to serve justice and equality to the common people.

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About us

At Herbert & Lux Attorneys, we take pride in being the best in Tennessee in procuring the most feasible results in every legal situation. Herbert & Lux strives hard to ensure the personal freedom and justice of each citizen in the democratic American state. We, as a defence law firm, provide services in cases ranging from civil to criminal cases, cases on breach of contract, or a consultation regarding real estate. For specific details of cases that we handle, contact our defence law firm.

We have the best team comprising of highly qualified attorneys who have several years of experience in the courtroom and have trial experience of over hundreds of hours. The attorneys have expertise in the following areas:

  • Criminal cases-A criminal charge always has extreme outcomes in a state like Tennessee. Therefore, it becomes important to have the best attorney in your defence.
  • Injury cases- No one would want to suffer the consequences of other person’s actions. We provide you justice against accidents including worker’s compensation, vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, etc
  • Civil cases- All sorts of litigations including divorce, breach of contract, real estate litigation, etc are dealt with utter professionalism at our law firm.

At Herbert & Lux, we are available round the clock to give you the required attention. To book an appointment, contact our defence law firm.