How to get your ears stretched?

Do you want to wear that amazing piece of jewellery but the piercing in your ear is not big enough to sport the look? The solution to this problem is ear stretching. In the process, ears are stretched so that a person can wear a particular piece of jewellery. And you can try to reduce the size of the stretched ear back to normal size by opting certain measures but it is a long process and requires a generous amount of dedication. One can try nasal septum piercings or even tongue piercings. The piercings will stretch to a certain limit through a slow process. If extreme measures are taken to facilitate the process, it may disorient the ear and cause hypertrophic scars.

The process

It is a simple process. It begins by piercing the ear in a normal manner. The size of the piercing is measured in gauges. It ranges from 0g to 20g. normally, ears are pierced at 16g to 18g. Tapers are basically the main tool for the process of ear stretching. Acrylic is a lightweight material which is used to make tapers. Plugs and Tunnels are also used for ear stretching. But the most commonly used method is tapered. Plugs are comfortable for long-term usage. You begin with a gauge of small size and then slowly increase the size of the gauge. Each earring has to be worn for at least a month. Then only, one should move forward to the next size(increased).

When you get your ears pierced, you should keep certain things in mind to take care of your ear. Certain precautionary measures should be opted such as using Jojoba oil or Vitamin E oil or Vaseline or any other generic petroleum jelly to massage the earlobe, to basically keep it lubricated.

A guide to ear stretching

There are two most used and famous methods used for ear stretching:

  1. Tapers: if you want ear stretching for small sizes tapers is the most commonly used technique. There are types of tapers that are available which include,
  • The acrylic tapers: this is considered to be the cheapest option. The material can hold bacteria so isn’t good to wear it.
  • The steel tapers: this is being suggested for some reasons which include, they are slicker than the acrylic tapers thus they are easier to stretch. Since steel can be sterilized it is safer to stretch compared to acrylic tapers.
  • The concave steel tapers: these tapers are more special compared to the others. They have a concave part which means they have a dip at the back in which you can put some new plugs at.
  1. The taping method: this method is used for the larger sizes, it helps in stretching the lobes easily and carefully. The types of tapes used are:
  • PTFE tape: it is a great and an inexpensive tape which can be used to stretch. Its very affordable in its pricing, it sticks only to itself because it is non- adhesive and it is also super thin this enables you to increase your size.
  • Bondage tape: this is considered as the second best tape which is used in the taping technique. It is smooth thus making it easier for insertion after wrapping your plugs over and over. It is a little more expensive compared to PTFE.

Why do people around the world practice ear stretching?

  • For fashion purposes: the generation we live in widely do the ear stretching for fashion since they feel it is a cool thing to do. It is like a funky fashion statement that generation considers.
  • The tradition in the culture: in few tribal cultures, this is a traditional thing which is practiced.